The Clear Cup

Announcing "The Clear Cup": The Mountain Hockey League's Ultimate Prize

Introduction to "The Clear Cup"

The Mountain Hockey League (MHL) proudly introduces "The Clear Cup," a prestigious trophy destined to crown the champions of the 2023/2024 season. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Stanley Cup, "The Clear Cup" ushers in a new era of competition and celebration within the league.

The Vision Behind the Cup

The Clear, a leading cannabis company and key sponsor of the MHL, is the visionary force behind "The Clear Cup." This initiative reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence, marrying the competitive spirit of hockey with groundbreaking approaches to sponsorship and community engagement.

The Contenders for the Cup

This season's quest for "The Clear Cup" features four formidable teams, each bringing their unique strengths to the ice:

  •  Santa Rosa Growlers (#1 seed): Boasting an unbeatable record of 11-0-1.
  •  Reno Ice Raiders (#2 seed): Demonstrating resilience with their 11-6-2. 
  •  McCall Mountaineers (#3 seed): Showcasing formidable talent at 6-4-0.
  •  Breckenridge Vipers (#4 seed): The dark horses, with a record of 7-10-1.

The Road to Victory

Structured as a best 2 out of 3 series, the playoffs promise intense battles among the top four teams. The competition will not only highlight skill and teamwork but also determine who will be the first to claim "The Clear Cup."

A Tradition of Celebration

The tradition of commemorating hockey triumphs through unique initiatives was spotlighted following the Colorado Avalanche's Stanley Cup win. The Clear celebrated their victory by producing "Champs Blue 182," a limited edition flavor. This act of celebration continues with "The Clear Cup."

The Ultimate Reward: A Taste of Victory

In addition to lifting "The Clear Cup," the winning team will be honored with a limited edition flavor of The Clear, named after them and available in their city. This innovative accolade symbolizes the merging of sports achievement with community appreciation, offering fans a tangible piece of the victory.

Where to Catch the Action

All playoff games leading up to the crowning of "The Clear Cup" champions will be streamed live. Fans can watch the fierce competition unfold on the teams' YouTube channels or the Mountain Hockey League's official YouTube platform, ensuring that the path to victory is accessible to all.